When Will AI in Cameras be able to Learn and Improve?

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They are already doing this on people but yes, the NSA has better computers.

Guess they could put the same hardware in cameras as they put in smartphones and to some extent they have(i think sony leads the way with their AF algorithms), however how far will things go depends on consumer demand and market competition.

I don't think anybody is in a rush anymore to implement the latest tech in consumer grade cameras because the market is dying, but i am pretty sure one day our cameras will not only recognise faces, but they will send imaged and location info anonimously to various institutions, similarly to what smartphones are working today.

I will give an example, 20 years from now a fugitive buys a camera to take pictures like people do, but as soon as he takes a picture of himself he is identified and caught the next day despite never uploading the image or connecting the camera to a computer or wifi network. The camera will do all this automatically.

Whether everybody is on board with the slow but sure progression of this technology is an interesting discussion, but many already have given up a portion of their privacy for convencience.

Given the choice between convencience and being under surveillance, many will choose the latter(you have an Alexa device in your home, yes?). It's all about convenience.

All i'm saying, AI works both ways, it's something as obvious as it is inconspicuous. Jeff for example will never ever come out and say "of course i'm spying on you to learn your consumer habits and make more money while selling the info to third parties as well", but he doesn't need to, does he?

It's all fun and games until you realize there's no opting out anymore.

The future is now.

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