The last tripod i will ever need? For 600mm f/4 nikon

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Re: The last tripod i will ever need? For 600mm f/4 nikon

LensWizard wrote:

George R Holland wrote:

I have used a Gitzo GT5542LS 6X with my 600mm f4 for at least a decade and it still works and looks as new. It is discontinued and replaced with the GT5543LS. (Are the still made in Italy?)

I use the old classic Wimberly WH-101 with CR-30 clamp with it that also still works and looks perfect. The quality is top notch and hopefully the quality of newer models are similar.

I also wouldn’t hesitate to use RRS. I have L-Plates and lens plates that are spendy but of great quality. I also have a RRS BH-55 Ball Head and clamp on a Gitzo GT3530LSV I’ve had since 2007 that is of equal quality.

I again just went and checked what I have and they are GT5540LS 6X Wonder how thats different from yours..?

Just an earlier version I assume. the xx41 replaced the xx40, 42 replaced 41 and the current model is GT5543LS with small design changes every generation.

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