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Martin_99 wrote:

Since last week I have a thoughts which I hadn't before - try to shoot with film camera!

So here is my take.  Shooting film is hard!  Unless you find a camera with a decent autofocus system, you will be relying on your eyes to focus.  That's been the biggest challenge for me. I have a lot of film cameras, from 35mm up to 6x9, and getting sharp focus has been hard regardless of which camera I was using.  Getting things level is another challenge.  Most digital cameras (including every one I own) have some sort of horizon indicator that helps you get the frame level.  None of my film cameras have such a tool, and 9/10 of my film shots suffer from a non-level horizon.  These next two observations are purely mine, and I hope I don't get a war started...  I find that I get sharper results from my digital cameras, even if I am shooting them in manal focus mode with the lenses adapted from my film cameras.  I also find that digital offers me far more latitude in exposure, and it's easier to get detail in both the highlights and shadows with digital compared to film.  Finally, processing and digitizing film can be an expensive chore.

All that said, I think you should go for it.  I find that I'm shooting more and more film these days.  I enjoy self-processing black and white, and I found a pretty decent local lab for color.  The cost of admission is pretty low, especially if you don't mind a camera that works fine but looks ugly.  You might want to stick to mounts that you can adapt to your mirrorless; if you ultimately decide film's not for you, you'll still be able to use the lenses.

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