Fujifilm X30 vs Olympus XZ-1

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Yawlen Z Forum Member • Posts: 85
Re: Fujifilm X30 vs Olympus XZ-1

Brian Chichester wrote:


They are both very enjoyable to use, each in its own way, but I think I will have to end up with only one of them. Difficult.


It's only two months since you wrote, in the 'Resurrecting my X30' thread: "there is no way I am selling." What has changed so fast then, meanwhile?

With its (over X20) improved preview rendering of exposure level in manual mode, and its better operational comfort (Q menu, EVF, Fn-buttons) the X30 is the camera that got me to cling to the brand. And lens/filmprofile/settingswise it stayers as a mighty versatile walkabout toy. With plenty headroom for experimentation. So, just as well that I bought myself a minty spare one, before the pricelevel for used/preowned rose this high.

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