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T O Shooter wrote:

Jeep_Joseph wrote:

So, where do I begin with the D600? Let's start with the pros of it. Solid lowlight performance, decent fps, good weather sealing, dual card slots, it's small, and on the used market can be found for 400 bucks all day long. However, it's a bit of a stepdown from the D800. I regret buying my D600 over a D800. Its grip is not that deep and comfortable, and the casing feels rather plasticky. The autofocus absolutely sucks, especially in lowlight situations. The colors are not anything to write home about, and the lowlight performance can't keep up with the Df. Its buffer is rather shallow, and the camera doesn't have as many physical controls as a pro body. Nothing special about the D600 aside from the very low price

If you were expecting any more than what you found, you were expecting too much. It was and is a bottom tier camera.

If you'd spent a little more, and bought a D750 you might have been somewhat more satisfied.

And alongside your D4 / D4s / D810, it's always going to be a letdown.

Absolutely. And then there is the df with that nice d4 sensor; able to handle low light with ease...but it has a totally useless autofocus system that falls apart in shade let alone low light. Nikon has hit plenty of it's cameras with that cripple hammer the bean counters keep in the back.

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