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inlawbiker wrote:

My main use is travel, I travel a lot for work to interesting cities and I'm a motorcyclist. So a smaller, rugged kit with a good 24-120 or 28-200 equiv plus good small primes suits me well. Not too expensive in case it's stolen off my bike, maybe $1500 max value to carry. Compact landscape lenses as well, 2.8 is not usually important for me in terms of zooms. I like a good fast 24, 35, and 50. Fuji seems to have me covered. I love the film simulations too. Questions...

1. I have heard it's hard to process Fuji with Lightroom, true? I don't like Adobe particularly but I know it well so I have the muscle memory. I'm not real keen on their subscription program either so I'm willing to learn a new platform. What do we use for Fuji processing?

Personally, Darktable, Digikam, etc. under Linux. After coming from Canon (loved the L-series glass, really liked my 60D body, disliked the weight of the whole system) I liked the Fujifilm JPGs enough that most of my shooting was JPG -- even going from 18M (Canon, raw) to 16M (Fujifilm, jpg) I felt like the image quality improved. That really simplified my workflow.

2. X-T3 is now on sale for $899 at my local shop, is that a good start? I love love IBIS but at that price I'm very tempted. Should I buy a used X-T4 or X-S10 for the IBIS? Or just get a beater X-T2 and wait for the X-T5? Very confusing choices here.

You can't go wrong with any of those choices, except maybe waiting for the X-T5.

I've just moved from an X-T1 to an X-T4 (didn't need any new lenses). The biggest deciding factors for me in getting the X-T4 instead of the X-T3 (a terrific bargin!) were the larger battery and the fact that I usually keep cameras for 5+ years before trading. If you haven't committed to the Fujifilm system yet and will also be buying glass, then the X-T3 may be an even better value.

My X-T1 probably has 20~30K miles in either a tank bag or camera bag in a pannier, with no issues. A used X-T1 is also a good choice for on a bike and landscape. It's really cheap, slightly lighter & smaller than other (current) Fujifilm bodies, with almost the same film simulations and handling. The lower pixel count and slightly lower performance are the biggest downsides (not huge, either).

Thank you in advance for any thoughts.

Strongly consider the Fujifilm 18-55 lens, particularly if it's offered as a kit with a camera body. It's got very good image quality, and is quite light & compact (ideal for keeping mounted on the camera while in a tank bag).

I'm also really fond of the 10-24mm.

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