M10-P for US$5k or M11 for $6900-7500? New to Leica/RF.

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Re: M10-P for US$5k or M11 for $6900-7500? New to Leica/RF.

goodbokeh wrote:

archnemeswiss, if you've done your due diligence and you still have your heart set on a M11, this is what I would strongly recommend:

Avoid the Siren Song of the Gray Market for such an expensive and new model camera. Instead get this M11 (link below) with the solid backup of the Leica USA warranty. On top of that, this is Fred Miranda's personal LNIB Silver M11 which has been thoroughly tested, so it's better that a new off the shelf model. But you better move fast.


There is no "USA" warranty. Leica warranties are global. Any Leica goes to the same service center regardless of where it was purchased. I've seen Fred's M11. I'm in the market for a black one anyway, but to be frank there are way better deals to be had from authorized dealers.

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