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Re: RX10 IV Battery life

AlwynS wrote:

Option 1: My expectations are significantly lower than those of the average user and/or industry norms.

In any case, low standards on my part is obviously one possible explanation for the criticism of battery life: battery life as I experience it is poor by industry standards but in my ignorance I am happy.

Camera battery life is often compared for different types of camera. A DSLR only needs power for the sensor for (about) the exposure time whereas a mirrorless camera like the RX10 M4 needs power for the sensor all the time (when ON).

If the above is true, then there is a big difference in battery life.

Therefore your settings (in Option 2) are interesting.

Option 2: My settings and/or use of the camera are different to that of the average user.

It is possible that other users do not get the same level of use out of their batteries because they have their cameras set up differently and/or use it in a different way. I believe my settings are reasonably "efficient" but nothing extraordinary:

* Shooting RAW only, not RAW + JPG

* LCD is off. I pretty much NEVER use the LCD. Definitely never for shooting as I cannot comprehend how people are able to properly stabilise the camera to frame and take photographs with the camera at arm's length. There is no way on earth can I do that! On top of that, bright ambient light makes it impossible for me to properly see the subject and manage exposure properly. I MAY show somebody a photograph on the LCD once a year. Maybe.

* EVF only comes on with the eye sensor, otherwise it is off while I am not looking through the viewfinder.

Is the sensor turned off when not looking into the EVF? (see below)

Actually, with an EVF, I would be looking AT the viewfinder, not THROUGH it! Force of old style camera use terminology...

* Review is off and I very rarely chimp.

* Pre-AF is off.

* I do a fair bit of zooming in and out but for most of the time the camera stays at 220mm.

* At the airshow I used mainly manual exposure but this is not that common for me. I did manually change aperture, shutter speed and ISO quite frequently

* Wifi is off/in airplane mode

* OEM batteries

I am not sure if there is anything else that could meaningfully affect battery life?

Your settings raise the question:

IF you use the above settings and put the camera to playback when not shooting - then both display and EVF stay black . But what's about the sensor? Is it on power or not?

If not, then you might get a battery life close to that of DRLS.

I think we can find out if sensor is powered or not by checking the sensor temperature (in EXIF data of an image file).


In playback the RX10 M4 retracts the lens after a short while - that will cost power.

The RX10 M4 zooming needs power, on a DRLS zoom is manual i.g.

I would really like to hear people's thoughts on this.


A first fast and dirty test with 'Displ = EVF (man.)' shows:

Ambient temp. 24°C, 10 minutes interval, camera temp:

26°___________ 28°____________ 27° _____________30°

|----playback----|------- off -------|----norm use ----|

Camera on tripod, no manual touch except for setting changes.

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