R5 IBIS: Does anyone notice?

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Re: R5 IBIS: Does anyone notice?

1)  If somebody has exceptionally steady hands, then IBIS isn't dramatically better.  But just wait until age takes its toll!

2)  If somebody is shooting at very fast shutter speeds most of the time, IBIS doesn't come into play as often as it does for those who like to lower ISO as much as possible and handhold at lower shutter speeds.

3)  Manufactured items fall within a range of production tolerances, and even generally excellent quality control can let a few fall out of that range.  So it's possible specific R5 bodies don't have IBIS as good as it should be.  Also, cameras get banged around, and that affects features.

I've had unsteady hands for many years.  I can shoot at much lower shutter speeds with my ef 35mm f/1.4L II with an R5 than I ever could with a dSLR.   And the RF primes too.  Even pixel peeping, looking at older photos, comparing to recents, so much better with IBIS.

For me IBIS was a bonus feature--I was upgrading from the R for AF and ergonomics.  My goodness what a great bonus!

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