200600mm +1.4x TC @ infinity focus - Sharpness issues.

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Re: 200600mm +1.4x TC @ infinity focus - Sharpness issues.

FrenchKiss78 wrote:

Great test but the point is using filters for fast action or bif. That is where the filter is messing with the AF.

So, now you are changing your claim that filters are never any good, to now, claiming just no good on fast action and BIF? You keep pushing your no-filter claim, but never offer any proof whatsoever. Why do you keep doing that, posing as a know-it-all, and demeaning other posters, while showing no evidence to your claims?

I posted test photos shot with both manual and automatic focus, and found no problem with either one. On the other hand, you keep claiming AF doesn't work with a filter, with no proof. Please offer some evidence if you've got any proof.

If you have some real information and tests to post, please do post then here. We'd love to see it. If not however, it is time for you to stop this nonsense.

Also, why do you still not post your gear list? Could it be because you are still just shooting with a Kodak Instamatic, while posing as an expert on our high-end Sony cameras and lenses?

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