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Z-mount lens recommendations

Started 9 months ago | Discussions thread
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Re: Update - getting serious

Just played with the camera and all the Z lenses I have.   I only hope it can track little fish like my cat's eyes!   I see what they mean about the Z9 and subject detection.  I also see how hard that is to override sometimes.   Lot to learn there.

Housings:  I like Nauticam, and the main part that transfers is the 230mm Nauticam dome port.  I only need a 50mm extension there, plus that zoom gear.   And, now that I think about it, probably a Sea and Sea Internal Correction Lens.   My 77mm one won't transfer to the 82mm 14-30.

Macro is a whole new port, unless I want issues with a too-long port.

The viewfinder - apparently there are mirrorless and DSLR viewfinder versions, which is certainly disappointing.  I used my 180 on my D810 rig for years before moving it to the D850 housing.  I have no idea why they would be different.

Leak detector.  I've had two kinds with two housings, but at least they both used the same pump.  I've also seen a Backscatter leak detector that was quite different and used a different pump (with gauge).

I don't think I'm going to have any battery issues while diving unless I'm doing video the whole time.   The battery is supposed to last about 3 hours under continuous use, far more for normal image shooting.  (I've been reading Thom Hogan's book on the Z9)

Now that i have camera in hand, I think I have to bite the financial bullet and get it underwater ASAP, meaning 5 weeks from now.   This is one of those decisions being driven in part by my age, and wanting to get as much underwater use out of my gear as I can while I am still able to lug this stuff around.

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