Advice on Commercial Photoshoot and Composite Pricing

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Re: Expenses, expenses, expenses.

I understand what you're saying and that would typically happen for other work outside of this situation. I've done different projects for them and would just bill based on my hourly rate. I'm their VP of EHS and Risk Management, so they're typically okay what I put forth, however, this situation was just a little different in my thought process. I appreciate the information that you shared on expenses and the website link. I will go back, based on time the tools to finish the work and come up with a figure. In this situation, I provided all of the necessary equipment, except for the manlift needed for a safe elevated shot.

ampimagedotcom wrote:

JakeWarrin wrote:

I recently did a photoshoot for my day job employer...

I was considering charging based on my normal hourly rate, but I thought I would run it by this group and get your thoughts on what might be reasonable.

Normally when one would agree to do Work Made for Hire, everything would be agreed to beforehand - and you would normally ask them to pay you for 'your time & expenses'... which you would break down and present to them beforehand, for them to approve, etc.

Your ‘expenses' would include the hire of any & all equipment that you thought you would need to use… even if you didn’t actually use it in the end.

Often one would hear those who do that type of work say: “It’s all about expenses, expenses, expenses.” - because that was the difference between a 'big' job and a 'small' one, i.e. the size of the production.

So I guess that is something for you to think about here - unless your employer provided you with all the tools to use, to do the work that they asked you to do for them.

Camera, lenses, stands, tripod, umbrellas, computers, software, masking tape, etc, etc. + 20%, type of thing.

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