F-stop guru vs. Shimoda explore v2

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Re: F-stop guru vs. Shimoda explore v2

jor23 wrote:

Thanks. I have MacBook Air and 14" pro. Does 12.9 iPad Pro have a bigger footprint than the MacBook Air?


MacBook Air 12 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches

iPad Pro 12.9" 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches

I want to use this bag as personal item on airplanes. The 30 seems to be too big for that. I also had the Peak Design bags before. The 30L, which is shorter than Shimoda 30, was too big for me. Shimoda bags are taller but narrower, I think.

I don't think the14"Macbook Pro will go into the laptop sleeve because it's already pretty comfortable for the Air. The front pocket may accommodate that though. I think I saw some reviewers with the older 15" pros doing that, but can't remember exactly.

The iPad Pro without any accessories fits, it's when you put the Smart Keyboard Cover, it adds just enough to make it a hassle to get in; you can get it in like this put it feels like a struggle, i.e. more effort than its worth. This is also due to the material of the cover being a little grippy. If you change that to the Magic Keyboard it won't fit because of the added width due to the hinge that carries the extra charging port. If you have a pencil, that will add even more width to it. The pencil will either get caught on the opening and upon insertion will be removed or if you manage to get it in, will always be ripped off as you try to pull it out. I tried the MacBook Air without a shell and it was fine. The materials used do not stretch really at all either, it's more of the opening that is the issue. The work around I mentioned works well for the 25, and I share the same sentiment, it's the same reason why I got the 25 as well, because I wanted the most compatibility for travel. The other option is to put the iPad Pro in a padded sleeve and just sandwich it between the back panel and the camera cube as well, not as elegant though, but might be better than leaving it in the front pocket under the weight of the camera cube under the seat in front of you. Oh, the straps on these are so much more comfortable, but they look so much more bulkier. The pockets they put on them are really nice for travel when you need a chest pocket.

I went through the Peak Design phase as well, 30L EDC to the 20L zip, and the problem I had is they were too formed, like a shell. Shimoda uses much more flexible materials so it does not look so big all the time. The Peak Design 30L also started I think at 25L and was only really 30L when you had it at the top rung. The other things I did not like was only side access. It felt like I was switching sides so much to just get at the gear I wanted, it made me want something with back access so I can just see it all at once, I didn't feel comfortable either swapping lenses while balancing a bag on its side hanging off one shoulder. I figured if I was going to put it down anyways, might as well find something with back access. Side access seems great for when you have your body and lens already configured and you just need to get it out because you can't get your bag down for the moment.

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