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Re: sigma vs canon 24-105f4

I have owned EF 24-105 L (I), EF 24-105 STM, Sigma 24-105 Art, Sony FE 24-105 and RF 24-105. Used the EF 24-105 L II occasionally as well.

Started off with the EF 24-105 L and it has been my most used standard walk-around zoom for a long time. I think I had a good copy, but as IQ at 24mm and at all FL wide open could be better I got me a Sigma 24-105 Art as it got better reviews than the EF 24-105 L (I). Had the for a short while though. IQ difference was only marginal. Slightly better wide open, slighlty less good stopped down (f/8). No auto lens profile in PS, a bit focus shift when stopping down and no weather sealing. So kept on using the Canon.

Has a 24-105 STM for a short while before passing it through to my bro. An intermediate lens as the aperture of the 24-105 L broke down. Decent optics for the price, but not as good as the L it replaced.

Less relevant for Canon users, but used the Sony on a A7RIII. Very good lens, better than either of the Canon EF 24-105 lenses IMO. Highly dependent on software corrections. Without it has horrible vignette and distortion at shorter FL. Sharpness was great though.

Now adays I use the RF 24-105 f/4 L. Very decent optics at any FL and fully usable at wide open apertures. The IS is also very capable. The only dislike is that it is also dependent on software corrections.

To conclude : Too small a difference between the original EF 24-105 and Sigma Art. I'd get the Canon over the Sigma. The EF 24-105 II is better than the original, both optically as wel as better IS. I'd pick it over the original for sure. But for use on an R camera I can fully recommend the RF 24-105 L. No adapter needed, best IS, fastest AF, reliable AF and arguably best optics as well.


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