200600mm +1.4x TC @ infinity focus - Sharpness issues.

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Re: 200600mm +1.4x TC @ infinity focus - Sharpness issues.

FrenchKiss78 wrote:

jbuzzinco wrote:

FrenchKiss78 wrote:

If you are using a filter, take it out. This lens AF simply cant work properly with one.

Heat haze lurs the AF on the distance, especialy close to the ground.

The FE 200-600mm works with filters. Using a good quality filter is important if you don't want to degrade image quality. But saying that the lens doesn't work properly with filters is baseless.

Obviously you are a troll or something. Instead of your blabla, go buy the lens, buy a good quality filter and try it yourself.

Yes, obviously I must be a troll because I called you out for making blanket statements without evidence.  It truly puzzles me how filters have become such a divisive issue.

You are the one who made the claim so the onus is upon you to provide evidence to back it up.  Show us examples of failures of the FE 200-600 lens directly attributable to filter use.

Fact #1: I own the FE 200-600mm lens.

Fact #2:  I have tested many filters on this lens and others lens.

Fact #3:  Poor quality filters can and often do degrade image quality.

Fact #4:  High quality filters do not degrade image quality.

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