7880, 7900 — reliable 24” printer

Started Sep 16, 2020 | Discussions thread
Chris Butler Contributing Member • Posts: 502
Re: 7880, 7900 — reliable 24” printer

I don't print commercially, but my 7880 is still reliable after 10+ years.  I bought it used from a print shop in 2012. Some software quirks, but I've learned its care and feeding.

The single most important requirement for longevity is to print a full color image about every 2 weeks. That uses 20 ml of ink, which will empty a set of 110ml cartridges about every 2 years.  I've had no problems with out-of-date ink from eBay, so I consider the ink cost to be just a maintenance fee -- about $150/year.

Pretty cheap for the color darkroom I always wanted. I don't miss my Beseler 4x5...

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