R7 + 800rf f11 Supermoon

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Re: R7 + 800rf f11 Supermoon

Necip wrote:

That is very good It has the same pixel density as a M4/3 so you get a lot of crop advantage and the lens at F11 can deal with the light from the bright moon and good light but what is it like for low light I'm curious how it can handle high ISO with wildlife. I plan to use mine for Astro as well when it arrives.

I tend to avoid high ISO on wildlife. I find feather detail tends to be wiped out when i apply noise reduction.  some subjects can be done at high ISO, it depends on the situation.

So my strategy at the moment is avoid poor light, and don't be afraid to use slow shutter speeds and electronic shutter, -the Image stability is capable of delivering good quality, maybe  not in every shot of a burst, but i generally find a usable shot at what used to be impossibly low shutter speeds.

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