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pictograph wrote:

piphoton wrote:

As a prime lens to use for portrait I have the xc 35 f2. Like it a lot but don't use it that much. But every now and then I'm glad I have it. For instance, my daughter will soon need portrait pictures. I could take them with my zoom lens, but they are much nicer when there is some background blur.

Local to my there is a shop selling the xf 35 f1.4 for 470 euros. I think it is a good price. I do wonder if I will truly see the difference? Anybody else went from the 35 f2 to the 35 f1.4? Did the photo's truly made you smile or does not not matter much?

Portraits depend highly on the photographers skills, light, location…and less on the lens….

If you carefully select the location and have enough space behind the person even a 2.0 aperture will be enough.

BUT… if you really want to change lenses, I really recommend to purchase the fantastic xf 1.5/33 instead of the 1.4/35.

Or just keep your money to accumulate and buy the 1.4/33 later.

It has a similar bokeh as the 1.4/35 but at the same time fantastic sharpness across the frame and superior microcontrast.

just my 2 ct


+1 Good post - totally agree!

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