What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

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Re: One can still take a black balance if needed using the Z9

NickZ2016 wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

NickZ2016 wrote:


It would be a firmware update.

Maybe. But a firmware update will not change the hardware. It will still be a camera mostly oriented at still imagery.

Rather strange comment for a camera designed to shoot 120FPS. Basically ever spec of the camera is tied to the video side. Starting with resolution.

Resolution and frame rate is not everything in a cine camera.

They could repackage the guts into a different form factor without any other changes and sell it for video. Just like Panasonic has done with two different hybrid bodies.

Yes, maybe a hardware and the firmware change would make it into a cine camera, but again, not not enough to change the form factor, you need to add buttons and dials, skip some currently existing ones, change the EVF and perhaps even the LCD display and so on. Basically it would mean a completely new camera, no longer a Z9. I never said that the the Z9 couldn't be remade and totally redesigned into a video oriented camera, but as it is, it is clearly NOT that, and a firmware change would not be enough.

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