Requesting wisdom from Z9 and Capture One users

Started Jul 16, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: Requesting wisdom from Z9 and Capture One users

I have a Z7II (and before that a D750 and before that a D200 for a long time). I currently have licenses/subscriptions to: Luminar, DxO, Lightroom and C1. Of these, I use Lightroom as a catalogue, PS for some edits, DxO when I want to do NR for high ISO photos as it's better and C1 as my "usual" converter... I never use Luminar, and if I did not use PS, I probably would also not subscribe to LR. Basically, I find C1 colours work immediately, while LR/PS I just don't like and never have since 2005. LR has better control over distortions, keystone correction etc and is a better catalogue. But I personally don't like how the colours come out, never have and have never managed to get it to work well, even when creating custom profiles with my ColorChecker--maybe other people could, but at some point I just gave up.

All this has been consistently the case through the three Nikon cameras I mentioned (and loads of lenses, so it's not just colour casts that I am seeing).

So, could I just stick to C1? Yes, I could and probably will once my Adobe subscription runs out.

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