Extra battery needed for G500.

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G500 Batteries, SD Memory Compatibility

dtp wrote:

As a new G500 owner, I thank you for all your help, with a special
thank you to Jim. It's great to hear from such pleased users. One
of the problems with these forums is that users tend to vent and
you don't hear enough positives. There was so much enthusiasm for
this camera, that I knew it would be a great addition to carry with
me at all times. So many great shots are missed because cameras
are too bulky to take everywhere. I am impressed with the sharpness
and accurate color rendition. I do a lot of closeup work and the
macro is superb. I would appreciate any help in getting an
inexpensive second battery. I am also interested in a case. Any

As the other posters have already mentioned, Ebay is the best choice for batteries.

You can find generic 850mAh Lithium Ion batteries for this model from an Ebay vendor for only $10.20 (+ $5.99 shipping).

If you buy two, shipping charges are only $6.99 ($1.00 extra for each additional battery). So, you can buy two spare batteries, including shipping charges, for less than $30.00 (less than only one battery costs when you buy Konica or Minolta name brand).

All you have to do, is search for batteries for the Konica KD-310z, KD-400z, KD-410z, or KD-500z models. The battery used by the new Minolta DiMAGE G500 is exactly the same.

The Minolta DiMAGE G500 is the same camera as the Konica KD-510z (major upgrade from the Konica KD-500z, and it uses the same battery).

After the Konica-Minolta merger, they just gave the new camera and battery different model numbers under the Minolta name.

Here's an example:


Also, avoid Sandisk Secure Digital Cards in larger sizes. Their cards with greater than 128mb capacity are NOT considered to be compatible with the camera. You'll risk slower startup times, possible file corruption, format errors, etc. Sandisk's Standard Secure Digital Cards in larger sizes are dramatically slower than those made by a company like Panasonic.

Toshiba, Panasonic, and Sandisk are the "big 3" manufacturers of Secure Digital. If you buy a different brand (like Lexar), you're just getting a card made by one of these guys, even though some of the other brands to manufacturer their own memory in non Secure Digital format.

Konica-Minolta Japan only considers Secure Digital Cards made by Toshiba or Panasonic to be compatible in 256mb size. Only the Panasonic Card is considered compatible in 512mb size. Panasonics 256mb and 512mb Secure Digital Cards are rated at 10mb/second (dramatically faster than Sandisk).

See my pbase.com album for details:

BTW, it is my understanding Panasonic also makes Simpletech's 256mb and 512mb Standard Secure Digital Cards (both rated at 10mb/second).

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