What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

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Re: Thinking a little outside the box

Hendrik_nl wrote:

NickZ2016 wrote:

One of the problems with the Z9 is the shape. You can't look at something tiny like the Z6 and think about bolting something on.

Also the Z9 battery is already too small.

They could do what Panasonic did and take the guts of either the Z6 or Z9 and put it into a cube body but you don't start with a Z6 style body and bolt on bits.

Maybe it’s my ignorance, but why is a cube shaped form better?

… and, why is the Z9 battery too small? For what?

Because it gets out of the way and easier to attach to a rig than a different shape.

Look at an ARRI Alexa or RED rig/cage mount setup.

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