What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

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Re: One can still take a black balance if needed using the Z9

ajm057 wrote:

I have not conducted black balance - but regularly use various appropriate video or stills spyder checker and grey/white/black card tests for each set up - most often portrait/product/fashion etc.

As I understand it (ref WIKI) - "The main purpose of black balance is to eliminate any residual current being output from the pixel sites under conditions of complete darkness, often referred to as thermal noise. This is why the camera automatically closes the iris completely when it does the black balance. Conditions under which black balance are typically done are when the camera experiences a large change in operating temperature, especially from colder to warmer. Otherwise, it is a periodic thing to allow for other minor factors that could come into play."

AND "With CMOS sensor technology, black balancing may not be as necessary as it is with CCD type devices. It is common to talk about how clean and relatively noise free CMOS sensors are by design" - obviously the Z9 has a CMOS BSI sensor.

All that said - one can just take a black image - I would just put on the lens cap on and take a shot OR like pro CINE cameras do just shut the iris down and turn off lights and take an exposure at the target ISO. Like others I am not sure what "benefit" this gives. This is different to Pixel Mapping and there is no automatic black balance integration in the Z9. This does not mean - like Time Code Sync using an external reference source - that the Z9's firmware could not be changed to provide this feature if Nikon are persuaded to do so. My guess is this goes back to the OP's original question in another thread, slightly modified -- "Will Nikon address the needs of Pro CINE users in their existing camera bodies or build a new line of CINE specific bodies/lenses" My response is I doubt Nikon will build a CINE specific line in the near term, but the cost/benefit and scope of the first will drive their willingness -- in other words - is it just TimeSync and Black Point or are there other items one would want Nikon to add to a Z9/hybrid to make it more useable as the core/engine in a CINE environment? AND if Nikon does all of that will Netflix approve it - like it did for the Lumix?

What you describe is basically the same as pixel mapping. Have been doing it with all my cameras which had that feature when it was needed.

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