Manual lens best practices (no EXIF data)

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Re: Don't need exif, no effect on shooting mode

John Crowe wrote:

I use seven lenses with no exif. Would it be nice? Sure, but I rarely/never worry about it. I have even shot with 3 or 4 of them on the same outing so I quickly add the lens to the file name as soon as I can, while I remember.

Now that's another level

Manual focus or autofocus lens should have no effect on how you shoot. I shoot all of my lenses in manual mode.

For me it's not really about AF/MF but about missing EXIF – I used Canon 400D that would miss focus when there was not enough light, so I was using MF with my lenses 25% time anyway. But the lack of EXIF has been… challenging for me. I always keep my photos nice and ordered, trying to fill as much metadata as possible. In fact, I bought smartwatches just to be able to quickly record GPS position for each photo. I know that it can be done by linking the camera to a phone, but it unnecessarily eats battery of the phone and the camera. So missing aperture information still quite annoys me.

A limited number of Nikon cameras will allow the user to input the lens info. It is then able to even allow selection of aperture on the camera. It was very cool to use this system. It would be awesome if other manufacturers would do this, and if Nikon would do it with all their bodies.

That's pretty cool. Now I wonder whether same could be achieved by a playmemories app.

Nikon also provides focus confirmation with manual focus lenses. I don't know if anyone else does this.

At least A7RIII and A6000 doesn't have focus confirmation as far as I know. Not that I care, I just eyeball it or use magnifier.

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