What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

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Re: What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

EduPortas wrote:

skmadapatu wrote:

It looks like my Z9 stupid illusions seem unrealistic (at least with NETFLIX)


The approval by Netflix means nothing UNLESS they commission you for it.

You can shoot a movie with an old 16mm film camera and if it gains traction you'll be able to sell or rent it to them for distribution.

Frankly, it's getting really boring watching these series and movies that look practically the same because most of the were shot with either an Arri or Alexa cam.

We need some more aesthetic variety and that comes naturally with the different tools used to capture compelling stories.

>> The approval by Netflix means nothing UNLESS they commission you for it.<<

Thank you for your reply. In theory, it may be YES. But in practice, I do have my own fair share of doubts.

Unfortunately, I don't this it is that easy to get approval, especially if you don't fit in their BOX – based on my understanding, they want indie producers to go through the middlemen (distributors) even if I self-produce.


Based on my experience, it is next to impossible, especially if you don't fit into their so-called standards. I wrote a contrarian Business book that Amazon unpublished a couple of times already (excuse with so-called "customer experience" – I fought hard, including legally). That experience led me to remove the exclusivity with Amazon and published in >40 platforms in ~200 countries and translated to ~20 languages, including audiobooks. While I was at AMC, I had direct access to C-Level leadership (thanks to my Architect role in Financial Systems), and I bypassed all the bureaucracy and then went direct.

Even if I buy the fancy Arri/Alexa, there is NO WAY I will be able to shoot at religious festivals in political and religious sensitive times, especially in India. Last time I used my local connections and took advance permission from the owners of temples as a local commoner (wearing local clothes) with a low profile. There are >500 different versions of Theyyam Gods, and here is a sample https://www.tiger-rider.com/Client-Galleries/Rhodes/ (which I used in my Finance/Economics/Geo-Political Book). I will be inviting trouble to my parents back home when I leave the country. It will be impossible to get it done based on the current Netflix Standards.

Unfortunately, these FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix & Google) BIG Brothers, ALGORITHM & BOTs decide the content of the future, how it is produced, what we watch…



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