Your favorite Konica manual focus lenses

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Re: Your favorite Konica manual focus lenses


I tried the 21/2.8 and the 135/3.2. Both tried on my Fuji XT1 and my son's A7iii.

  • The 21/2.8 is quite a good UWA legacy lens and unusually small for the genre and speed. Modern FF 21-24's and Fuji's 14/2.8 and 23/2 on APSC are clinically sharper but it's still a nice lens if you prefer MF with a real helix. I've read that shimming adapters may make a difference, but I haven't tried going to that length.
  • The 135.3.2 is a nice lens. The combo of good resolution, low-ish CAs, decent bokeh,  and closer-than-average focusing make it very usable.  The lens has a double helix, which allows it to focus to 1m, so closer than many other 135s, but this results in a somewhat heavy focusing action. I like that, others may not.

I've gone modern for my WAs. I like tele primes, but I've largely returned to zooms for FLs longer than about 100mm. I've just found that zooming with your feet to use prime teles isn't always feasible because you have to change distance too far or it's just plain impossible.  Carrying multiple teles quickly adds to more weight.  And zooms easily out-resolve cropping.  So, I've got primes to cover 50 - 100mm and zooms for the convenience beyond. So both Konicas are up for sale.

Regards, Rod

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