Custom printer profile — who makes them

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OP Alexey Senior Member • Posts: 1,269

Thank you so much to all who responded to this thread. I ended up buying a used ColorMunki Photo device and it has exceeded my expectations by far. I had my doubts, given that it's an older device.  But it is super fast and easy to use. And the resulting image with custom profile came out perfect after the first try. And before profiling, color was way off. I have a feeling that I may even have mixed up Light magenta and vibrant magentas. But whatever it was, after creating a custom profile, everything is spot on.

If I knew custom profiles were that easy, I would have been using them long ago.  The color from my printers was always good enough, but I did not realize that it could be just spot on.

Thanks so so much to all who helped. I wouldn't have gone this way and probably would still be looking for a solution without reading all the helpful comments in this thread. Each comment was helpful in its own way. Thanks!

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