What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

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Re: What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

olyflyer wrote:

skmadapatu wrote:

Let me confess my illiteracy in this domain. I wonder if three-year-old 24FPS “Panasonic S1H” or even less than $2K 4/3rd “Panasonic BS1H” can make it, why not Z9?


For full transparency, for some time, I have been daydreaming about a special event movie when the stars align (Post-COVID when I visit my parents at God’s Own Country during Festive season https://www.tiger-rider.com/Client-Galleries/Rhodes/ ). (In my previous life with AMC Theatres, I managed (sneaked through C-Level connections) to get some preliminary approvals https://www.fathomevents.com/).

It looks like my Z9 stupid illusions seem unrealistic (at least with NETFLIX)


The Z9 is a still image camera with some movie making capabilities, but are far from the listed and approved cameras.

BTW, how do you do black balancing on the Z9? In fact, I don't even know what this means: "Black balancing, sometimes referred to as black shading, of a camera’s sensor should be performed regularly in accordance with manufacturer provided guidance."

Is it the same as pixel mapping...?

I am not an expert; I assume there are many technical experts in the forum like Thom who can answer it better.

According to WIKI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_balance

"Video cameras can possess a function called black balance which calibrates the signal for no light, just as they have a "white balance" function which gives reference to true white to the CCDs. Unlike white balance, black balance is not adjusted every time. This function is found in higher end 'professional' cameras rather than in cameras for amateurs."

I found this video interesting – but I am not sure how to Black Balance in Z9:


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