Best auto alignment software for photo stacking.

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Re: Best auto alignment software for photo stacking.

TonyGN10 wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

mat536 wrote:

Not only panoramas....

Much more complex stacking, stiching, perspective correction and more

Again, I can't find any mention of stacking. Where is that?

If it's assumed that feeding it nearly identical images will result in a stack, what will be done to them (noise reduction, focus stacking, HDR ...)?

At least in Affinity Photo, stacking can be used to remove transient objects from a stack of images, reduce noise, emulate long exposures...

This article gives more details

Yes, I have Affinity Photo, and I know what options stacking in general can offer.

I was asking the other poster (who seems to know something about the DualAlign products) what the DualAlign products will do with a group of nearly identical images because the terms "stack" or "stacking" are nowhere to be found on the DualAlign site.

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