Your favorite Konica manual focus lenses

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Re: Your favorite Konica manual focus lenses

QuietOC wrote:

lattesweden wrote:

Since the other threads about favorite manual focus vintage lenses from different camera brands have gotten the discussions here going again, lets continue with Konica.

  • If you where to build a small balanced lens system with Konica manual focus lenses from wide to tele, which ones would you include?
  • Which Konica manual focus lens is a must have, no matter focal length or price?
  • Which Konica manual focus lens should be avoided?

Konica have several manual focus mounts, like F and AR, if possible pick one of them in your answer so one only need one type of adapter.

I am fairly impressed by the Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.8. I may have gotten an exceptionally good copy. Sharp, nice rendering for a simple planar. Many of the other Konicas I've tried have had alignment issues.

I never had an alignment issue with one of my Konicas. What i did notice the 21 (the f2.8 version), 24 ( both versions) and 28 (both the f3.5 and f1.8) and to some degree the 35 f2 have more field curvature that other lenses i have of the same FL. Maybe the short flange of Konica makes things worse, who knows. I shimmed the adapter and things have improved, but still it s there, the 28 f1.8 and 21 f2.8 being the worst. I checked all the lenses for infinity on a T3n, as much as it s possible.

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