FF lens on APS-C camera!

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I was wondering if there is any improvement over lens corner shqrpness if I use FF lens on APS-C camera?

For example if I have to choose between 24mm F1.8 FF vs APC-C, would I benefit from the wider circle of FF lens?

As we know most large aperture lenses are not sharpest at their widest FL and need to be stepped down a bit to get the sharpest photo so I was thinking by using FF lens on APS-C I would avoid this and can get more light without sacrificing image quality.

I would say generally this is something thats a larger factor with older lenses, faster primes in the past did tend to be bias towards centre sharpness(espeically wide angles) were as today its not so much the case and the advantage of using a FF lens on APSC is probably smaller with modern designs.

Well, the Nikon Z lenses, when used wide open, are clearly optimizing center sharpness, neglecting the corners. Stopped down they even out across the frame, but then this whole discussion is irrelevant. These lenses work well with the higher resolution Z7, and thus should give very good results on the ZFC or Z50, almost across the frame. As a side remark, these results are spoiled by the fact that neither the lenses, nor the Nikon APS-C cameras, have stabilization.

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