Capture One Raw files look underexposed

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Re: Capture One Raw files look underexposed

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

Intenditore wrote:

Thank you, please take a look

In one instance (brick wall) the issue is easily fixed with exposure slider, but another one (building) - no for sure! It blows highlights way up, when initially they are about identical in jpg and raw. It's weird how it (doesn't) work

I also noticed lens correction in C1 is almost non-existent. Or profiles are so wrong/inefficient that difference is too obvious. I knew C1 has problems with some rear models (DJI cameras especially) but didn't expect to see it here

There must be an import setting you don't have enabled or something. I know C1 normally applies the necessary gain at import automatically, but I don't know how to set that up - maybe a C1 user could chime in?. You may very well have to apply some highlight correction manually to the RAW to dial in the highlights t(he jpg is exceptionally flat and wouldn’t be what I’d be shooting for). Did you use D Range Priority?. Your RAWs open at normal brightness in Lightroom.

RAW (L), JPG (R)

Hi - here's what this image looks like when I opened it in Capture One 22 Pro - as you can see, C1 hasn't applied any DR settings.

Unadjusted RAW file inputted into C1 22 Pro

To get the unadjusted RAW to look like the supplied JPG, in C1 I raised the Exposure by 1.56 stops, lifted the Shadows by 42 and lifted the Black by 25.

BTW OP, C1 did apply lens correction, it used its own lens profile settings - if you want the crop to look like the SOOC JPG, apply the Manufacturer Profile (as below).

RAW adjusted in C1 to match SOOC JPG

I always leave the DR setting in my X-T4 at 100, so this isn't a major issue for me.

But I would have thought if you want the image to look like this (i.e. the SOOC JPG with DR settings and Fuji manufacturer lens profile), why not just use the SOOC JPG?

But if the SOOC JPG isn't quite what you want the image to look like, you have an unadjusted RAW in C1 to work with.

However, as I say, I only use the DR100 setting (and don't use the DR Priority setting either), so I could well be missing something important in this matter.

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