What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

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Re: What will it take Nikon Z9 to get into the approved cameras list of NETFLIX?

jjz2 wrote:

Droster wrote:

I don't think it's anything they can do.

The brands listed

  • ARRI
  • Canon
  • Panasonic
  • RED
  • Panavision
  • Sony
  • Blackmagic

have a history of being used for motion pictures. Nikon (and like Fujifilm) aren't.

I'd say Nikon, Fuji, and Pentax are traditionally more... "camera lover's/stills priority" cameras... just the design, the lenses, the tradition...Not that the others aren't in some ways...these brands just more so typically.

I also shot Fuji for years, if they would have made full frame, it would be a tough choice.

Also it's likely they are referring to Canon's Cinema line of cameras, as well as Sony's...

They each make declicked Cine lenses as well... as far as I know, Nikon doesn't dabble in either cinema bodies or lenses.

I appreciate both of your replies.

I was born & brought up in a "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" 5000-year-old civilization, and I am a byproduct of the LICENSE-RAJ system. I understand some of the over century-old cartels listed above and their vested multi-Billion $ industry interest ecosystem don't want anyone challenging the status quo without a fight. I used to work for the #1 Showbusiness in the world, and they narrowly escaped from bankruptcy. If NETFLIX makes a point of entry difficult, they will be challenged by other entrants – look at what happened to Publishing & Media Industry. Now Netflix partners with Microsoft for its survival.

YES, I agree Nikon DSLRs have traditionally been branded as "camera lover's/stills priority." Based on my understanding, even if Nikon doesn't make Cini-Lenses, there are 3rd party de-clicked Cine lenses that can be used on Z9.

My fundamental question is what Z9 is missing in comparison with three-year-old 24FPS "Panasonic S1H" or even less than $2K 4/3rd "Panasonic BS1H".

I wonder what aspects of the techno-functional "CAPTURE REQUIREMENTS" Nikon Z9 is missing:





In order to meet image capture standards required by Netflix, the following capture attributes must be adhered to.

Resolution: Minimum of 3840 photosite capture width (Spherical)

Codec: Lightly Compressed or Uncompressed RAW or Intraframe Based Codec with 4:2:2 Chroma-subsampling or Greater

Bit Depth: 10-Bit or Greater

Data Rate: Minimum 240Mbps at 24FPS

Color Space: Scene-referred Color Space (S.Gamut3, ALEXA Wide Gamut, REDWideGamut etc.)

Transfer Function: Scene-referred Transfer Function (Slog3, Log C, Log3G10, VLog etc.)

Timecode: System is capable of jamming to an external source.
Timecode should be written as metadata.

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