New Member and New To Video Editing

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Re: New Member and New To Video Editing

rolandb wrote:

Hi guys,

This is an interesting topic to me as I have started to get more interested in doing / making short videos ( rather than still photos)

i currently have / use my iphone 8+ or my old Panasonic TZ70 compact camera.

I have used iMovie on the phone and recently downloaded ‘Openshot’ to my laptop.

I really am at the start of my learning stage and the biggest ‘frustration’ I have at the moment is how to get music on to my vids 🤨 I’ve been watching YT vids but still just can’t seem to get the hang of it,,,,,,,,,

It takes time, rolandb. There are so many things to learn. YT is a great source, for sure. I'm beginning to learn more and more in my journey. I'm starting to understand more about frame rates and bit rates etc. Like I said, so much to learn. I'm also finding out that this forum is a great source for information. I'm sure that with whatever questions you have, the folks here will be glad to assist. I wish you well.

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