Nikon 100-400Z vs Sigma 100-400 - what next?

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Re: Love my Sigma 100-400

z2122 wrote:

philblair wrote:

I had preordered the z100-400 for my Z50.

Then won a Sigma 100-400 on ebay for 450.

I couldn't justify the difference.

Here are some examples with and without the TC1401

great pictures and good to see that the Sigma is capable of getting fast shoots.

Same situation - I also cannot justify the difference and yes I bought the Sigma used . If the difference is only 1000 I would have kept the Nikon , but for 2.500 more it's too much for my type of shooting.
Also I leave my equipment sometimes on the boat and thare it's not that good locked. A Sigma I leave alone easier than a Nikon 100-400.

All converted from raw to Jpeg, no preprocessing. some cropped

Nice photos!  A teleconverter can be used with the Sigma 100-400?

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