Best auto alignment software for photo stacking.

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Re: Best auto alignment software for photo stacking.

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Eh Photographer wrote:

Check out Helicon Focus...

Tried it cannot handle alignment.

Here are the images if someone wants to try.

I processed both raw images in PhotoLab using my standard preset, then used Affinity to stitch them. This is the result without cropping:

I think you used a panorama, however what i needed is focus stacking, in this case even Affinity does not provide satisfactory alignment.

So, you want a focus stacking software. But why do you need focus stacking software for landscapes?

Please, educate me.

Please see three images in beginning of this article.

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Abbott Schindler wrote:

You may need to manually adjust the alignment.

I use Affinity Photo, Helicon Focus and ZereneStacker. Of the three, I find Affinity to be very good generally, Zerene to produce the best results (my eye; yours may vary), and Helicon is somewhere in between while having the most user friendly camera control GUI of the lot. In your case, give Affinity a try.

Could you try Zerene and Helicon i tried both and result was awful was motion blur on the sides, and ghosting in center, maybe i messed up some setting, was my first time using this.
When i set Helicon Radius to 50 it does slightly better, but still sides are messed up.

I've had great results using focus merge in Affinity Photo. So I was curious and tried aligning these two images in Affinity Photo using focus merge - very poor result. Then I tried using auto-align with stacking - again very poor result.

So in Affinity, I just overlaid both images, one on top of the other and reduced the opacity on one layer to 50%. I have included a screen grab showing just how far apart the two images are!

If you manually align one area of the image, it's way out elsewhere in the image and vice versa. I think you must have significantly shifted your camera position to get such a difference in perspective between the two images.

Sorry, I'm no expert but I can't see any software using auto alignment which could successfully align these two images!!

Yes even me trying manually in photoshop i could not make exact match, too much movement indeed. Thanks for verifying.

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