Q2 JPEG and Raw file size

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Re: Q2 JPEG and Raw file size

But that is the whole point, identical scene identical lens but different bodies and the images that are generated by Lightroom or capture one are different between the cameras and that is due to the sensor construction and the in camera preparation of data. There is in camera prep of RAW files in all cameras and even more in the AI age.   The software you use will process files from different cameras differently hence Capture One handles Fuji better. I am agreeing with you that the computer software does this but that ignores the point that the RAW from the Q2 is amazing in either software but the jpeg is not. If all cameras only generated DNG's and went through Adobe then maybe they would all be the same and much easier for everyone, but they are not and even between models the Raw file handling is different. In practical terms its just not true that all RAWS are identical because all RAW files are not the same.

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