Nikon 100-400Z vs Sigma 100-400 - what next?

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Re: Nikon 100-400Z vs Sigma 100-400 - what next?

You have to use what works for you. As for the test shots, the first thing that comes to mind is heat distortion. Every time you shoot with a longer focal length over concrete, buildings, roofs at longer distances in sun shine, it is difficult to judge sharpness.

I had the Sigma 100-400, and it is a excellent lens. My reasons for replacing it with the Nikon Z lens are: Better vibration reduction, faster AF, future compatibility, lens foot, a tad sharper, no FTZ needed.

But if you are only shooting over longer distances as in your test shots and or mostly static subjects, the Sigma will serve you just fine! so in your use case, I would stick with the Sigma.


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