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Chris Dubea wrote:

TonyGN10 wrote:

Chris Dubea wrote:

The cataloging system is both limited in functionality compared to others and has significant issues in trying to manage more than a trivial number of images.

The Windows version is particularly problematic.

Most C1 users wind up using sessions.

Curious as to where you got that statistic that “most C1 users wind up using sessions”?

And what do you call “a trivial number of images”? I have 15,000 in my catalogue and it functions fine.

15,000 is trivial.

Things get really dicey when the number gets nearer to 50,000.

I've been photographing a long time. I've got over 70k images in my inventory. C1 cataloging is useless for my purposes.

I use an omnibus session in which I don't actually import anything, just browse to the folder of interest. Works fine for post processing. Just no DAM functionality whatsoever.

I've got a copy of LR 6.14 which has no issue whatsoever with my image inventory.

Capture One has admitted there are issues, but it's unable/unwilling to expend the energy needed to fix it as is not something you make a press release to announce.

And the statistic that “most people wind up using sessions”? What’s your source for this?

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