Alternative to the Nikon 6mm fisheye?

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Re: Alternative to the Nikon 6mm fisheye?

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This won't help, but there actually was a non-AI 6mm f/5.6 fisheye with a 220-degree view. Only 209 were made and it's extremely rare. Diameter was 9 cm and and weight 440g. Cost is probably out of this world.

That lens also requires a body with mechanical mirror lockup, so it's a nogo on any digital body.

Would that be the same on a Z series mirrorless camera?

It might actually work with a FTZ adapter since there wouldn't be a mirror in the way.

Absolutely! The imaginary mirror will be shattered, utterly ruining the camera.

Anyway, most of the better Nikon DSLRs actually do have mechanical mirror lockup. The problem is that the lens is non-AI and would damage the camera unless it's a Df. Yes, it should be possible to use it on a Df.

There are no Nikon DSLR's (and the F6) which have a mechanical mirror lockup, they have an electronic mirror lockup. If you use the MLU setting on a DSLR, the mirror comes down after taking the picture. Because the back of this lens protrudes into the mirror box, trying to mount and use this lens would damage the camera!

You need a camera with an actual mechanical (non electronic) mirror lockup lever such as the F, F2, F3, F4, F5.

Now I get your point about mechanical vs. electronic.  Silly me, I had forgotten about the mirror coming back down again.  That's something I should have remembered since I've used that feature enough.  And yes, I've also used the F3 with mechanical lockup though that was many years ago.

On the other hand, it should be possible in principle to put the camera into live view, attach the lens, use it, then remove the lens before leaving live view. That would be risky and I wouldn't recommend it.

I am aware of the rear projections and what they would do if the mirror did come down when the lens is in place.

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