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Re: Buy your own profiling device.........

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

Insofar as you're willing to learn a little (it's not too difficult) and take the time to make your own profiles, then I very much agree with Bob (Petruska) that buying a used ColorMunki Photo* and using that with the latest X-Rite i1Studio software (IIRC version 1.5.1 for Windows or version 1.6 for Mac OS) or possibly the new Calibrite software is a very good way to get quite decent custom printing profiles without spending much money. I did this myself a couple of years ago (after renting the newer-version i1Studio, see e.g. I've been quite happy with my purchase and the printing profiles it builds. It does not take too much use for buying a used ColorMunki Photo to be cheaper than either having someone else make custom profiles, or renting a device on occasion as needed. So unless you really need very high-level profiles and/or want to do something exotic with weird patch sets, I second this suggestion.

*Not a ColorMunki Display or a ColorMunki Smile.

I strongly recommend this approach. It makes it a lot easier to test and adjust for  different printer settings, even for the same paper. I've seen quite a bit of difference in color accuracy just changing settings like bi-directional or different DPI resolutions and so create different profiles for these modes. And you don''t have the turnaround time of outsourced custom profiles.

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