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Re: New Sony a7iv owner

I've an A7iii, but I think the principles are the same.

When you half press the shutter button (or use your BBF button), the camera opens the lens aperture to its greatest extent momentarily to allow as much light in as possible for the AF system to work as best as it can. If you have Live View Display set to "Setting Effect ON", (which gives you an accurate preview of your exposure) you'll see the image in the LCD or EVF flash brighter for a split second while the camera is acquiring AF.

Not so sure about your second question as I've never had it happen myself.

Regarding Steady Shot, yes, there's just a single setting in the camera for both the IBIS and the lens OSS. The idea is that they will work together in unison. If your lens had a stabilisation switch, it too would turn off both OSS and IBIS if it was set to off. This is just for native E mount lenses from any manufacturer; as far as I know, adapted lenses don't integrate their stabilisation with the IBIS in the same way,.

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