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Re: Buy your own profiling device.........

Alexey wrote:

Box Brownie wrote:

Wow, with a fleet of printers including LFP sizes surely as suggested above you could benefit from creating your own bespoke profiles.

With the money spent on the printers a print profiles device should I would think be a good investment!

The most ironic thing is that several years ago I bought the device for creating profiles. But in so many years of refills and mixing all kinds of inks, I never felt like I had a need for a custom profile. The colors were always nearly spot on. So, I put it somewhere far far away into storage. Now, when I finally need it, it is lost somewhere in the clutter of countless boxes of inks and papers, so that I have to pay to order custom profiles.

I too am a packrat and more than once over the decades I have bought a replacement to then later find (whatever the item was) "it" again!

In regard to reading what you say above, I would surmise based on my limited understanding of paper profiling matters, that your need is an 'ideal candidate' to be profiling your "homebrew inks" with your papers of choice.

Looking for the deeply squirrelled away bit of kit merely delays the inevitable

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