Custom printer profile — who makes them

Started Jul 7, 2022 | Discussions thread
OP Alexey Senior Member • Posts: 1,290
Re: Buy your own profiling device.........

Can’t believe you remember my printers!  :).  Thanks so much for amazing advice as always!

Yes, i have these (although instead of 4800, i have a 7800 (the best printer ever).  My p800 started giving me a weird magenta cast with badly expired K3 inks.  And I can’t figure out which ink is the issue.  I can almost take care of it by dialing down magenta in the settings, but not completely.  
Thanks so much for the device suggestion!  I’ll look into it.  Definitely makes sense to spend this kind of money if I am experimenting with inks.

And to everyone who commented on this thread so far, thanks so much!  Some really helpful advice and links.

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