Best off-camera lighting without modifiers?

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Re: Best off-camera lighting without modifiers?

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I already have a couple of flashes, but was wondering if there are any good off camera flashes, lights, LEDs, etc. for run-and-gun shooting that provide good lighting without needing a modifier? Will likely be used hand held or with a light stand. Either a flash or a constant LED? I was looking at the Rotolights, they seem to offer what I'm looking for, but they are quite expensive and I don't see them discussed often so I'm hesitant about throwing down that kind of money without knowing more. Or are there any basic modifiers that are compact, quick to setup and hold, that I can use with my existing flash that will give me lighting as close to a soft box as possible without needing a full sized soft box? Right now I just use my flash with a bounce card in these situations, but it's not ideal and doesn't work as well outdoors, so was seeing if there's better options out there.


direct light seldom looks good, you'll have to bounce/modify any light, the most "light for the cash" i know of in a compact package are the godox ad200/ad200 pro strobes, those with an umbrella will make a nice compact lighting package.

I already have a couple strobes. My question was whether there is any compact lighting that can work reasonably well without a modifier, such as constant light LEDs. Or a modifier that is very compact, quick/easy to setup/takedown, which will give decent light.

I have seen some guys work with constant LEDs for stills, but it doesn't seem to work very well (definitely not as well as strobes).

one awesome compact option is the new Profoto and it's proprietary modifier, if you have the bucks for it...

That's cool, but can you shoot without a modifier and get softer light with a fairly wide spread, that won't look like my existing speed lights? Or Is this no different than a speed light other than the design? I do like the Clic Softbox Octa though. Are there any other soft boxes that are that easy to open and already have the front diffusion sheet attached, without having to open it and then add it on after? Thanks!

Sounds like you want a unicorn. Something small, cheap, portable yet gives a lot of soft light. Have to pick what the priority is.

That's why I posted here. I know most of the options available, just wanted to know if someone knew of something I hadn't heard of. I'd be fine with a softbox if it were as quick/easy to setup like the Clic Softbox. When you are shooting multiple locations quickly and don't want to keep setting up a softbox every time, I just want something that pops up like the Clic that I can use handheld.

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