Best off-camera lighting without modifiers?

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Re: Best off-camera lighting without modifiers?

Colin Creevey wrote:

elektrobank wrote:

I was looking at the Rotolights, they seem to offer what I'm looking for, but they are quite expensive and I don't see them discussed often so I'm hesitant about throwing down that kind of money without knowing more.

Sounds like you have watched a few too many Jason Lanier videos. I looked at these in the past but for a specific use case (night time portrait) where a flash is generally too powerful.
If you are trying to use them in day time at any reasonable distance then it will be far to weak to accomplish anything. They love repeating that they are HSS compatible and that they produce "soft light"....

I shot with them at one of this workshops. The latest ones are actually quite strong and produce great light without a modifier, other than the built in diffuser. We shot in daylight and dark and the light was more than enough in both cases, and way too bright at full power. I was quite impressed, I just never hear people talking about them so I was hesitant about spending that kind of money without hearing from people who own them and wanted to see what other options there are for lighting that doesn't need a giant softbox to look good. Thanks

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