Panasonic G100 woes, help needed.

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Re: Panasonic G100 woes, help needed.

CruisinonRt66 wrote:

Glad you thought of staying with it and will try to use it so it wont be too much of an issue. I will agree the dial is very easily turned as it has little resistance, but after while it has not become an issue anymore to me atleast handling it knowingly. I guess I had many years of handling the LX100.
About the distortion that is rather weird. Maybe you do have a slightly faulty sample.
All I can think is there is a setting for disfraction compensation? Not sure if that does anything, but most Menu settings are similar to a GX9. Maybe you can post us some samples what is happening? I use the 12-32 without any issues. I do not have my Oly 17mm anymore( which I regret as it was superb) but am happy with my PL15 and Pana 20.

In any case hope you will resolve these issues and get to keep the camera or get the shop to give you another copy. You must still have warranty.

Good luck!

Thanks but I hit a problem and the camera is now going back.

The problem is that with an Oly 17mm f1.8 I noticed that I was getting excessive distortion so I tied a Panny 12-35mm f2.8 and the same thing happened, horrendous distortion. It looked to me like the camera wasn't applying in camera corrections.

I updated the firmware and tried and again and jpegs were corrected by raws were not. To eliminate my pc and software I downloaded some raws from DPR's review and they're fine.

I did try correcting and cropping files manually and I created a profile and it all works but I'd probably have to make profiles for all my lenses and of course if I sell the camera on at some point I'd have to declare that it has this issue so it's going back. I spoke to the shop and they very kindly agreed to pick it up.

I've never seen this before with any of my cameras so I assume something is drastically wrong. I wonder if there's some way to wipe the camera and try again as I wonder if updating the firmware does enough. Anyway, sadly it's going back.

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