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I want to get better at photography. I know you have to play with the ISO, aperture and shutter, but my photos are coming out too dark or light depending on the environment. What are your techniques to fix over/under exposed images? Or how do I learn to properly exposed my images without going into post? If it helps, I’m using the a7iv. I simply can’t get the right exposed when adjusting my iso, shutter and aperture. Should I do one before the other?

This is where exposure dial comes into play. I usually shoot -3 on scenes/wildlife and +3/+7 on people.

If you underexpose 3 stops for landscapes, and overexpose up to 7 stops for people, how can you possibly get good results? Something wrong here.... ?!?!?

My bad for typo, that's -0.3 and +0.3/+0.7

There is no +7 on the dial LOL

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