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Giovanni_1968 wrote:

I made a photoshoot for a friend, I have about 2.000 pics shot across a few days and selected some I had to submit for being chosen by my friend and his staff.

I did this on a desktop and would like to export these few folders and the collections as either a session or catalogue so that I can then import on a laptop to show them upon next meet, which is the best way to achieve this?


You mention "Import on a laptop". I assume you also have Lightroom-Classic installed on the laptop.

1) Add all the required selected images to one Collection in LrC

2) [Right-Click] the Collection and choose [Export this Collection as a Catalog]

3) You can choose to add Smart Previews ['Build / Include'] and 'Available Previews' with the exported Catalog as this will save a lot of space for the exported catalog, yet still provide sufficient quality for others to view on a laptop screen. (You don't need the full-size 'Negative' files for only viewing on the laptop).

You will create a Folder of files like this-

4) Save the Exported Catalog FOLDER (with the contained files ) to an external Hard-drive that you can simply plug in to the laptop (with LrC) and 'Open' the Catalog on the external drive (by a [Double-Click] on the .LRCAT file.)

5) If you save the Exported Catalog folder to a USB stick, you will need to Copy the folder of Catalog and Previews to the Laptop hard-drive, and 'Open' it from the internal drive of the laptop.

6) You can view the files from LrC on the laptop in Full-screen [F] and advance with arrow keys. Or even create a Slideshow in LrC.

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