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Re: To prevent Z back caps from getting stuck

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robspur wrote:

I have just purchased a new Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 and the lens cap is stuck! I just cannot get it off, I have tried using extra grip with a cloth but it doesn't budge. Does anyone have any suggestions? Feel stupid returning it because I cannot get the cap off! Thanks

It happens with all my Z Lenses, too - I thought I was the only one experiencing this issue (I almost returned 70-200 & 24-70 since Nikon asked me to send it to the service center). I manage to remove it by pressing it slightly down and rotating clockwise - If I apply too much force, it makes the situation worse. That is my experience.

Something you have to watch out for:

Nikon F caps are basically radially symmetrical. You can put them on with the open arrow straight with the focus line (call it 12:00) or 120 degrees clockwise (4:00) or 120 degrees counterclockwise (8:00) and it will be fine. So if you learned to just grab a cap, turn until it drops into the bayonet, then turn a bit CCW to lock it, you're fine.

Nikon Z caps appear to be not quite symmetrical. You really have to put them on with the tab straight up. If you have the tab 90 degrees clockwise, 180 degrees, or 90 degrees counterclockwise (3:00, 6:00, or 9:00) it can get stuck. My Nikon 24-70/4 cap got stuck my first day with the camera. Thanks, Nikon, for that "improvement".

Fortunately, I have other caps that do get stuck if you start them from the wrong position, so I quickly adapted. The cap for my Sigma 8mm F mount fisheye is asymmetrical and gets stuck if you start it in the wrong position. I replaced it with a Nikon back cap.

I also bought a three-pack of generic Z back caps (for my T-mount, my Leica M to Z adapter, and my Pentax M42 to Z adapter) that do not have this problems. I may replace all my genuine Nikon back caps with the generic ones. And the cap for my Meike extension tubes, because it only turns about 10 degrees, and doesn't stay locked on.

Thank you Joseph for your kind wisdom.

As you mentioned I placed the order for the generic Z cap's - I hope it will when I needed the most 


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